About the State of OdishaIndia's Best Kept Secret

The state of Odisha is situated on the east coast of the Indian subcontinent, has a surprising number of great tourist places. Traditionally famous as the centre of cultural destinations, it has recently made rapid progress in all areas, including the travel and tourism sector, and has emerged as one of the most beautiful states in the country.

Majestic mountains, a long 480 km coastline including serene beaches, dense forest covering spectacular wildlife, mangrove forest, breath-taking waterfalls, some gorgeous landscapes, Chilika Asia’s largest brackish water lake interesting culture and classical dance forms, 62 ethnic groups, unique arts & crafts, – that’s how the charm of Odisha is! Wherever one visits, one will find something spectacular here. The art & architecture of Odisha is very rich and vibrant. There’s an ‘aah’ story attached to each of the art pieces. Even the architecture of the state is highly talked about, in terms of the diversity it offers, the tales they are built around, and the grandeur they carry

Source: Odisha Tourism

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