Panel Proposal Guidelines 

Proposals for Panels at the conference are invited on the topics related to the conference themes and sub-themes.


Proposals for Panels may have up to 4 Panellists in addition to chair. Panel proposals must include the following:

  • a. Thematic importance-The panel should be on the themes mentioned above or related topics. The proposal should clearly mention the importance of the theme of the Panel to this conference.
  • b. Perspectives of the Panellists – The proposal should mention the position of the panellists on the topic.
  • c. Possibility of Discussion- The possible issues in the topic that can generate interesting debates and discussions from diverse perspectives.
  • d. Moderator- Questions that moderator will use to get the discussion going.
  • e. Necessary Information- Panel proposals should include the name, affiliation, contact information and brief bio of the chair and the panellists.
  • f. Word Limit- Panel proposals excluding the information about the panellists should not be more than 1000 words.

The reviewers will evaluate the panel proposals on the following parameters:

  • a. Relevance for the conference
  • b. The possibility of debate and discussion on the topics
  • c. Background of the Panellists
  • d. Different perspectives of the Panellists